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Crystal Clear 2k Chip Guard


A high solid, low VOC, Crystal Clear coating with excellent UV resistance that is designed to provide a resilient, durable, invisible barrier to repel stones and other road debris that could damage the finish of your vehicles painted surface.

Product Features

  • Crystal Clear – Excellent UV resistance.
  • Leaves no tape line like protective adhesive films.
  • Permanently flexible.
  • Extremely resilient and durable against chips

Preparation and Application


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Q: How does this clearcoat react if gasoline is spilled on it?

A: This clearcoat is very resistant to gasoline as well as other solvents; once it has achieved total cure.


Q: How soon can I buff this clear and what should I use?

A:  Normally this product does not require buffing as it retains its high gloss. Allow 36-48 hours before buffing. The longer you wait the better it responds to buffing. Sand with 1500 grit high quality sandpaper and buff at 1500-1800rpm with a fine polishing compound on a foam pad.


Q: Do I need special equipment to apply this clearcoat?

A: No special equipment is needed for this clearcoat. The same equipment used for any high solids clearcoat will perform well with this product.


Q: Do I need to reduce this product?

A: Reduction is not necessary. Even though this is a high solids product and normally sprays with a moderate amount of texture, this texture will flow out producing a smooth high gloss finish. Reducing 5% is permissible using a high quality urethane grade reducer.

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Dominion Sure Seal


946 mL / 32 Fl oz, 7.56 L / 2 Gal

Product Type

2K Kit